Unexpectedly, the reason for the severe traffic jam on the highway has a plot twist that makes people laugh out loud – Sometimes traffic jams are unavoidable. The reason could be due to an accident, road repairs, the density of vehicles on the road. Whatever the conditions, the most important thing is how every road user can be calm and cooperative so that traffic jams can be resolved quickly and properly.

However, have you ever seen road traffic jams that occur for ridiculous reasons, especially on the Pantura road which is so large? So, this video shared on TikTok by @stjcomalblandong can serve as an example of this, as reported by on Friday (26/5)

The video, which is known to have taken place in the Comal area, Pemalang Regency, Central Java, initially shows so many large trucks and other vehicles stopping due to a long traffic jam. At first it was thought that this was due to repairs to one side of the road as shown in the video which then forced the temporary implementation of contraflow rules.

severe traffic jams on the highway © TikTok

foto: TikTok/@stjcomalblandong


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