Google Records Searches for Gay and Lesbian Keywords Increases 1,300 Percent


Illustration of LGBT supporters. Photo: Special

JAKARTA – The Google search engine noted that people’s sexual orientation questions, such as, am I gay, am I lesbian, have increased by 1,300 percent.

Reporting from NBC News, the increase was recorded by the Cultural Currents Institute, a market research company that studies public opinion trends based on Google Trends data from January 2004 to this month.

“Questions of sexual orientation and gender are increasing in all 50 states,” the page wrote, quoted Friday (26/5/2023).

Of those 50 states, Utah has had the highest search volume for the phrases, am I gay, am I lesbian, and am I trans, since last May.

“That points to Utah’s traditional conservative social values ​​as a potentially significant factor,” he explained.

Sexual orientation is a fundamental question about the identity of internet users. Many of these questions are allegedly related to conflicts between personal feelings and societal expectations.

“This tension between public life and web searching is common in Utah, where we recently shared data showing that ‘VPN’ searches spiked after the Pornhub website was blocked,” the study wrote.

Meanwhile, the state of Oklahoma had the highest search volume for the phrase, How to Out, over the past year, followed by West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Kentucky.

“Oklahoma, West Virginia, Mississippi and Louisiana are in the lowest LGBTQ equality category on the 2022 State Equality Index,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Kentucky is in the second lowest of the four categories that measure equality.


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