Golden Years, Golden Deals for Health with Prodia


During May 2023, Prodia offers various check-up packages through the Special Anniversary Promo

JAKARTA – Have you ever imagined the contribution you will make when you are 50 years old? Of course, it is not an easy thing to survive in the face of various changes and always innovate. This has been proven by Prodia as one of the clinical laboratories in Indonesia which remains sensitive to developments in the health industry to answer the health needs of the Indonesian people and as a pioneer in the development of health sciences.

As a pioneer in the development of medical science and research, Prodia has facilitated 4,357 studies since 1991. Even on the research side regarding medical tests, Prodia has actively participated in 551 studies. It is these various studies that have finally been able to answer the urgency of medical tests in the community.

In commemoration of its 50th anniversary, Prodia wants to invite more people to benefit from the efforts that have been made during 50 years of work by presenting various offers of comprehensive medical tests covering more than 50 types of tests.

Carrying the theme ‘Personal and Precise Partner for Your Health’, Prodia confirms its commitment to contribute to the need for precision health services for the people of Indonesia. During May 2023, Prodia offers various check-up packages that can be enjoyed by all Indonesian people through the Special Anniversary Promo, including:

1. The Healthy with Prodia* Package is a Special Price of IDR 500,000 for the first 50,000 Prodia customers in May 2023.
2. Golden Package with a Special Price of IDR 10,000,000 which consists of more than 50 types of examinations.
3. More Package with a Special Price of IDR 7,500,000 which consists of 50 types of examinations.
4. Merrier Package with a Special Price of IDR 5,000,000 which consists of more than 40 types of examinations.
5. Save from 20%* for vaccinations at Prodia.
6. Save 20%* for all self-administered examinations at Prodia.

Besides that, various other special promos, such as special prices for all Prodia Genomics examinations, special prices for vitamin boosters and special prices for thyroid packages, click for more complete information on

Various package options are provided as a form of flexibility and personalization for every Prodia customer. Customers can take blood samples anywhere through the Home Service feature via the U by Prodia application or contact Prodia’s contact via the WhatsApp service 0855 1500 830 or call center 1500 830 (terms and conditions apply).


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