Getting to know the term Pragos, which is currently viral on TikTok, turns out to have many meanings


The term ‘Pragos’ is currently viral among TikTok users. DOC ist’s photo

JAKARTA – The term ‘Pragos’ is currently viral among TikTok users. In this case, they use the word a lot in the content they make.

The rise of this trend on TikTok is still relatively new, so quite a few people are curious about its meaning or significance. So, what exactly is meant by the term ‘Pragos’?

Viral Pragos Terms on TikTok

Previously, it should be noted that the emergence of the term ‘Pragos’ comes from a piece of animated children’s cartoon entitled Little Krishna. In one of the episodes, Pragos is shown as one of the characters.

In his appearance, Pragos is described as a child who is quite chubby and has dark brown skin color. However, he is actually a giant demon named Pralambasura who is in human form.

In a trend that is currently viral on TikTok, this Pragos video or photo will later be used as the opening for the jedug content. After that, the user will display his own photo.

Regarding the meaning or meaning, there are quite a number of versions made. First, there are those who say that the trend depicts someone who looks like Pragos (fat and dark brown skin) can’t get beautiful women.

Then, a version also appeared that this Pragos stands for “Handsome Boss Man”, “Boss GG Man”, “Scorched Man”, and many others.

Apart from the trend of stuttering using the Pragos opening, TikTok users are also seen using a lot of Pragos profile photos on their accounts. It is not known with certainty the meaning of the mass use of PP.

However, some say that the use of Pragos’ profile photo is intended as a symbol of invitation to follow each other or follow accounts with the same PP.

Based on the explanation above, it can be understood that the term ‘Pragos’, which has recently gone viral on TikTok, has many meanings. So, depending on the user’s interpretation, the term is not limited to a specific meaning.


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