Get to know the Jing Jin Ji Cluster that China Wants to Build


Jing Jin Ji Cluster, an industrial cluster that China wants to build. Photo/CGTN

JAKARTA – Jing Jin Ji is a cluster planned to be built by China. Where in the region will focus on developing high-tech products for the future.

Reporting from Reuters, the sophisticated factory clusters are planned to be built in the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei regions.

China, which is developing into a superpower, has indeed become a competitor of the United States. To outperform its closest competitor, Beijing is starting to think about developing new breakthroughs.

The development of the Jing Jin Ji cluster will be one of China’s new breakthroughs. Over the past decades, the country has been trying to integrate the economies of the cities of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province.

According to the plan, the development of the area will be focused on sectors such as integrated circuits, network security, electrical equipment, and the biopharmaceutical industry, by addressing key technological issues in the industrial chain.

The region will also develop new energy vehicle, biomedical, hydrogen energy and robotics industries, as well as research on artificial intelligence or AI.

The emergence of the Jing Jin Ji cluster is expected to reduce the income gap in the region, as well as reduce the high level of pollution.

The area’s development plans were actually laid out in 2017, when President Xi Jinping announced plans to develop the Xiongan New Area as part of a state-driven campaign to integrate the Jing Jin Ji region’s economy and reduce congestion and pollution pressures in the Chinese capital.

Even in recent years, the industrial development of this area that Jing Jin Ji plans to become has achieved extraordinary results.

Quoted from CGTN, By the end of 2022, the industry’s added value in the region reached 2,511.44 billion yuan, 1.5 times that of 2013, with an average annual growth rate of 4.5 percent.

The region has cultivated more than 1,100 companies, be they small or medium enterprises specialized in niche sectors. To command a high market share and boast a strong innovative capacity.

As part of the realization of the plan, several universities, government departments and industrial companies located in the Beijing area have been relocated to Xiongan.


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