From the outside it looks like it’s not finished yet, take a peek at 7 portraits of a minimalist industrial-style house with a mezzanine room – For those who want a home design that is modern, simple and has a unique touch, a minimalist industrial style house is the preferred choice. In this style, industrial elements such as metal, concrete and rough wood are combined with the practicality and usability of a minimalist home.

The use of distinctive materials such as concrete, iron, brick, is one of the characteristics of a minimalist industrial style house. An open layout that connects spaces seamlessly is also the signature style of this concept. You can combine the living, dining and kitchen areas into one large and open area.

Like this one house, where the building is inspired by an industrial minimalist theme. The house even looks like an unfinished building. So what’s inside this house? compiled from Facebook Home Design Pictures, here is the full portrait, Friday (26/5).


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