Female Daily Presents The First & Biggest Yogyakarta X Beauty 2023 Beauty Event As A Place For The Growth Of The Beauty Industry

No less lively than the previous events in Surabaya, Medan and, more than 150 beauty brands, public figures, beauty entrepreneurs and influencers will fill the FD X Beauty 2023 series of events in the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

FD X Beauty is a signature event for Female Daily which is a gathering place for all industry players in the beauty sector. It is evident from the public interest in this event which is very large.

At the previous event, X Beauty 2022, which was held for four days at the Convention Center, managed to reach 100,000 visitors and become the largest beauty event in Southeast Asia. Continuing the success, last March Surabaya X Beauty 2023 was held and was able to bring in more than 33,000 visitors.

Yogyakarta X Beauty 2023

Yogyakarta X Beauty2023Yogyakarta X Beauty2023/ Foto:

Yogyakarta X Beauty 2023 is the next destination after Surabaya from FD X Beauty in 2023. The event in this city is also the first and the biggest that beauty enthusiasts have been waiting for in Yogyakarta, especially Central Java and its surroundings. This event will be held for 3 days, Friday to Sunday, 26-28 May 2023 at the Jogja Expo Center with LazBeauty as Platinum Partner.

Visitors can also maximize a shopping experience that is more than just beauty shopping. Lazada through the special channel LazBeauty, Dini Ubaya Raharjanti, VP Strategic & Operation FMCG Lazada said, “LazBeauty is here as a form of our support and commitment to meet diverse beauty needs because each individual is unique. At the Yogyakarta X Beauty 2023 event, visitors also can maximize your shopping experience with LazBeauty Club to get benefits such as Fast Lane, LazBeauty Member Corner, special member vouchers, and many more.” The hope is that with the collaboration with the Female Daily Network, beauty enthusiasts can experience new things, especially those related to beauty, he continued.

Carrying the main theme ‘Beauty Recharged’ this year, FD X Beauty focuses on sustainability, kindness and self-love. Female Daily is consistent in continuing to echo the mission of loving ourselves and caring for the sustainability of the ecosystem through a choice of environmentally friendly (sustainable) beauty products. This theme is also very much in line with the slogan of the city of Yogyakarta, Memayu Hayuning Bawana, which means to beautify the earth that has been created in a beautiful state.

“A beauty enthusiast is always waiting for new things to try, be it the latest makeup or skincare that is most suitable for current skin conditions. Every year, many beauty brands and we ourselves are also aware of the importance of these products. which is not only good for ourselves but also for the environment. Not only about ourselves, we are also encouraged to care more about what is around us. Therefore, Female Daily would like to invite all beauty enthusiasts together to create the future of the world of beauty that is better and more profitable for all parties through messages of sustainability, kindness, and self-love. By carrying this message, in the future new positive energies will be created that will be spread and bring goodness not only to oneself, but also to all that exists. around us,” said Hanifa Ambadar, CEO of Female Daily Network.

Agenda Yogyakarta X Beauty 2023

Yogyakarta X Beauty2023Yogyakarta X Beauty2023/ Foto:

The enthusiasm of beauty enthusiasts, especially on the FD X Beauty social media channel for this event, was huge and positive. Evidence that beauty lovers have been waiting for this event. Not only that, Yogyakarta has become a special city to celebrate the 16th anniversary of Female Daily and the 3rd Female Daily Studio in a grand way with the theme, “Show Up, Glow Up, Rise Up”.

The experiences offered by Yogyakarta X Beauty 2023 are also very special, such as more than 150 beauty brands involved, beauty talk shows, live shopping, and being able to meet face-to-face with famous influencers such as Tasya Farasya, Fadil Jaidi, Alma Tando, and many more.

Various Exciting Events Available!

Yogyakarta X Beauty2023Yogyakarta X Beauty2023/ Foto:

Yogyakarta X Beauty 2023 presents a series of exciting exciting events for beauty enthusiasts to participate in. Apart from shopping for the latest products, visitors can also be involved in the following activities:

1. In order to support the environmental care movement, visitors can bring used beauty product packaging to the #FDSustainabeauty Booth.

2. Greetings from GKR Hemas followed by a talk show with GKR Bendara as a representative of Yogyakarta Special Region influential figures who support the development of the beauty industry.

3. Celebration of the 16th anniversary of Female Daily and 3rd Female Daily Studio offline & online. It will be celebrated on the first day of Yogyakarta X Beauty 2023 in the form of a Flash Mob parade and games with attractive prizes. There are also exciting online activities on social media Instagram @femaledailynetwork, @femaledailystudio and @officialfdxbeauty.

4. Interesting music performances every day from Dimension, Dexter, and Encore Band.

5. Live Shopping with exciting hosts Ozie playing Bu Tejo, Fadil Jaidi and Ganta.
6. “FD Babes & FD Dudes in The Morning” which will share attractive promos for visitors who come to Yogyakarta x Beauty 2023 from the morning.

7. #YourBeautyMission Challenge that all visitors can join. For one hundred participants who can complete several challenges given every day, they will get points that can be exchanged for free products in the Point Redemption area.

8. Beauty Recharged Installations for visitors to take pictures and share the excitement of Yogyakarta X Beauty 2023 with friends or on social media.

Being selected to be the second city for FD X Beauty 2023 is a testament to Female Daily’s steady steps to continue to accommodate the development of local beauty brands and will continue in 4 other cities.

To see the excitement of Yogyakarta X Beauty 2023 on the first day, watch the video below…



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