Failed to Get Coldplay Concert Tickets, Andy /rif Doesn’t Refuse If Someone Gives Free


Andy /rif found it difficult to get tickets for the Coldplay concert in, and in the end he would fail to see the band from London. / Photo: Ravie Wardani

JAKARTA – Vocalist of the rock band /rif, Restu Triandy alias Andy /rif, is a Coldplay fan in Indonesia. Unfortunately, he will not be able to watch his idol band’s concert at the Bung Karno Main Stadium,, 15 November.

The 54-year-old musician admitted that he had difficulty getting tickets to the Coldplay concert, and ultimately failed to see the band from London.

“(The term) war ticket came out recently, yes, I used to buy tickets during my era when I bought tickets at Rajakarcis, at Mrs. Dibyo if in In Bandung on Bandung radios, and the form is still physical paper,” said Andy / rif when met by media crew in the Mampang area, South, Friday (26/5/2023).

“And what I’m surprised about is watching a Coldplay concert here, getting tickets is more difficult than when we watch concerts of other big bands, overseas it’s really easy to get that,” he said.

Nevertheless, Andy also appreciated the enthusiasm of Coldplay fans in the country. “Yes, that’s amazing, the band can hypnotize music lovers to flock to watch the concert,” he said.

Andy /rif jokingly said that he would not refuse if someone was kind enough to voluntarily give Coldplay concert tickets.

“If I am asked if I want to watch it or not, yes, if someone wants to give me a ticket, I want to watch it, if not, because I don’t know whether to buy it is difficult,” he concluded.


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