Expansion to 100 Countries, OnlyFans Call the Content Business is Good


OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan described the company’s growth in a positive direction. Photo: ist

JAKARTA – OnlyFans claims that currently they have 3 million content creators who sell content on their platform through subscription services. OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan said they are expanding into Latin America and Australia which are considered promising markets in the future.

Ami Gan said there was a big increase in the number of creators joining OnlyFans last year. “The total increase reached almost 40%. So that the total becomes more than 3 million creators, “he said.

“We welcome the big increase in creators joining OnlyFans, including consumers who subscribe to our platform,” said Ami Gan at the Web Summit in Rio de Janeiro, recently.

”This means OnlyFans is a global platform. We are already in more than 100 countries,” he added.

OnlyFans is a subscription-based subscription platform that allows content creators, especially adult content, to monetize their content by allowing users to pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content.

The company is now looking to Latin America and Australia to further increase its numbers.

“We see business growth in several areas. Latin America is a huge growth area and we see that opportunity for creators to gain exposure to a global audience,” he said.

Ami Gan said OnlyFans, which has revenues approaching USD 1 billion (Rp 14.8 trillion) in 2021, had also identified Australia and parts of Europe as promising regions.

OnlyFans owner Leo Radvinsky has made over $500 million from the platform since 2020.

He took over OnlyFans’ parent company, Fenix ​​International, in 2018, two years after it was founded by British entrepreneur Tim Stokely.

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