Examples of politeness norms in the school environment, complete with explanations – The norm of decency is an important norm for every student in school. By applying and teaching the norms of decency in the school environment, it can shape the character of students for the better. The importance of politeness norms in this school environment can help students to respect and respect one another.

The existence of politeness norms in the school environment is able to shape the character of students who have noble character. A generation that is able to bring the Indonesian people in a better direction as stated in the mandate of Pancasila.

At school itself, students are directed to behave commendably towards teachers or fellow friends. Indirectly, the good behavior they show everyday is also included in the category of politeness norms. In addition, fulfilling student obligations according to school rules can also be an example of politeness norms.

Well, besides that there are still many things that can be used as examples of politeness norms in the school environment that students can learn from. Here are seven examples of politeness norms in the school environment that you can apply, compiled by from various sources, Friday (26/5).

1. Comply with all the rules in school.

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Complying with all the rules in the school is an example of a very important politeness norm in the school environment. The rules that have been made aim to ensure a safe and effective learning experience for students. Therefore, students need to understand and comply with all the rules listed in the school rules.

The act of complying with all the rules at school must start from the students themselves. This means that students must follow rules which include class rules, hours of entering and leaving school, and the time of teaching and learning activities. This rule will help students to be organized and regular in managing their time.

By complying with all rules and regulations at school, students will contribute to creating a conducive and learning-friendly environment. A calm and orderly atmosphere will have a positive influence on students in the teaching and learning process, without getting in trouble with the school supervisor or teacher.


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