China’s J-10C fighter jet specifications that Egypt will buy, Dassault Rafale’s rival?


China’s J-10C fighter jet is one of the mainstay weapons of the Beijing People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). DOC ist’s photo

JAKARTA – China’s J-10C fighter jets are one of the mainstay weapons of the Beijing People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). With its qualified capabilities, a number of other countries are also interested, including the latest is Egypt.

Some time before, it was reported that China was in talks with a number of countries regarding arms sales. One of them is Egypt, which wants the J-10C fighter jet.

So, what are the capabilities of this Chinese J-10C? Check out the following reviews.

Chinese J-10C Fighter Jet Specifications

The J-10C is a variant of the Chengdu J-10 Vigorous Dragon fighter jet. Apart from China itself, this fighter aircraft is also operated by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

Quoting the EurAsian Times page, Friday (26/5/2023), the J-10C is one of China’s most advanced fighter jets. Some observers even call it a counterpoint to India’s Dassault Rafale.

The J-10C is an all-weather fighter capable of carrying advanced fourth-generation airborne missiles such as the PL-10 and PL-15. In its development, this Chinese jet has a reputation as the strongest single-engine fighter in the world.

Entering service in 2018, a number of advanced features are available in this J-10C. Among them are the Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS), Radar Warning Receiver (RWR), and Laser Warning Detector (LWD).

In addition, there is also an Infrared Search and Track (IRST) and Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar. However, over time China also continues to develop and provide enhanced features for this fighter jet.

Furthermore, the J-10C can be equipped with the Taihang WS-10B engine developed by China itself. They are capable of carrying short-range air-to-air missiles such as the PL-15 BVR which is believed to have a range of up to 300 kilometers.

In previous talks, Egypt was reportedly interested in buying around 12 J-10C fighter jets from China. In this sense, Cairo has the potential to become the second outside operator after Pakistan to use it.


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