Camilla Never Wanted to Marry Charles & Become Queen, But Now Her Fate Is Different –

At the coronation of King Charles III this weekend, Camilla’s fortunes are about to change. The Archbishop of Canterbury will crown Camilla as Queen of the United Kingdom, Mother.

The coronation ceremony, which was held at Westminster Abbey on 6 May 2023, was the moment of Charles’ inauguration as the highest leader of the British Empire. On that occasion, Camilla will also officially become Queen.

The owner of Camilla Rosemary Shand’s real name has been in the spotlight since she first had a relationship with Charles several decades ago. Looking back at the 90s, his name became a byword since his relationship with Charles.



Camilla is often seen as the destroyer of the relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. But now, Camilla, who used to be a woman hated by many British people, will become Queen.

Gradually, the British Empire and society began to accept Camilla. People’s views on Andrew Parker Bowles’ ex-wife began to change.

Tabloid editor Eve Pollard, who knew Camilla through charity work, admitted that the press at that time went too far and was cruel in reporting Camila.

“I think it’s really cruel because we don’t know anything about Charles and Diana’s marriage. We don’t really know the truth. Camilla is on the emotional end of a very, very short person. But she never said a word and just stay in place,” he said, quoted by the BBC.

Even though she will soon become Queen, this is not Camilla’s wish. The son, Tom Parker Bowles, said that his mother never had the goal of becoming Queen of the British Empire.

The statement seemed to dispel Prince Harry’s accusations that Camilla was playing the ‘long game’ with a campaign aimed at the Queen’s wedding and ‘crown’.

“There is no end to a game. He only marries the person he loves,” said Tom.

When asked about the Mother who will become Queen, Tom believes that not much will change.

“She is still our mother, our family, especially for my sister and me. She is our mother,” he said.

Tom judged that the Mother might be feeling anxious ahead of her coronation. He did not deny that this process made Camilla have a tough role. However, he never saw his mother complain.

“I think anyone would be anxious at this kind of important occasion in terms of history. And yes, I think I would be terrified if I had to go out wearing ancient robes,” he said.

Apart from her new title as Queen, Camilla’s status as Charles’ wife is also being discussed. Often branded as a philanderer, Camilla apparently never wanted to marry Charles.

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