Called the “tank house”, take a peek at 11 portraits of tiny houses with quirky designs inspired by water towers – Have you ever heard of “The Tank House” or it can also be called a tank house. The Tank House is a term that refers to a building structure that was originally used to house a water tank. This term is often used to refer to building structures converted into residential or commercial spaces.

The Tank House is often used as a residence. It is possible to turn this structure into a unique residence with an interesting architectural style.

The design of The Tank House depends on the location and what the user needs. However, due to the small structure of the building, The Tank House may have some problems due to its size, layout, and facilities which are not up to contemporary building standards.

So what does The Tank House look like? How unique is this house with an architectural design that has existed for a long time? collected from Facebook Ronald Carlton Papa Tan, here’s a complete portrait for you, Friday (26/5).


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