Arema FC Will Bring 4 Foreign Players This Week


MALANG – Arema FC management announced the arrival of four new foreign players this week. These foreign players come from two different continents, namely Africa and South America.

The manager of the Arema FC team, Wibie Dwi Andriyas, revealed that the plan is for four foreign players to join simultaneously, with two of them coming from Brazil and the other two from countries in Africa. It is planned that the foreign players will arrive in stages starting this Friday according to a predetermined schedule.

“God willing, tomorrow (today) someone has landed and is expected to arrive in Indonesia. Just wait,” said Wibie on Thursday evening (25/5/2023) at Malang’s Gajayana Stadium.

Wibie also revealed that there were two foreign players who had come from the African continent. Both are from Mali and Cameroon. However, whether the two players will arrive simultaneously still depends on the policies of their respective agents.

“(Will the foreign players arrive together on Friday or this week?) I don’t know, because reports vary. If they arrive together, it must be checked with the agent first. One player from Brazil, one from Cameroon and another from Mali, so of course their arrival schedule varies,” he explained.

However, Wibie could not confirm whether the foreign players in question would immediately join team training or had to go through a series of other processes first. What is certain, according to him, is that all foreign players and players who will be contracted this season must undergo a series of medical tests that are more stringent than the previous season.

“For this year, Arema must undergo a thorough medical test. There are requirements that must be met, and that is what many netizens ask. I also just found out about the process related to the medical team and others,” he added.

Previously, Arema FC had signed a foreign player from Brazil, namely Gustavo Almeida. The 26-year-old player has undergone medical tests and is contracted for one season.


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