The Moon Landing, the Japanese Failure and the Conspiracy Theory Accusations of the United States


The United States successfully sent their astronauts to the moon on April 20, 1969. Photo/DOK. NASA

JAKARTA – Japan should make a big history in the world of outer space, this Wednesday (26/4/2023). A startup from the land of the rising sun, ispace, sent an unmanned spacecraft to the moon, HAKUTO-R.

In fact, the spacecraft has flown from Earth on December 11, 2022. After traveling a distance of 384,400 kilometers, it is planned that this Wednesday HAKUTO-R will land on the moon.

Welcoming this historical moment, ispace has prepared everything. They even set up a special channel on YouTube for everyone who wants to see this great history first hand. All ispace employees including their CEO, Takeshi Hakamada also came to see in person and looked cheerful.

It’s just that all the cheerful faces immediately turned stiff when the distance between HAKUTO-R and the moon’s surface was only 10 meters away. Suddenly the ispace control officer who is on earth lost the signal sent by HAKUTO-R while working.

In the press conference, Ryo Ujiie Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of ispace, while holding back tears, explained the reason for the loss of the HAKUTO-R signal. He believes the spacecraft did not land but crashed into the lunar surface.

“There was an error in measuring the height from the surface of the moon,” he said.

He believed HAKUTO-R had landed in the wrong place and used up all the fuel it needed to slow down. Finally free fall to the moon.

It’s not Japan’s name if it surrenders. This failure actually triggered them to try again to land on the moon which is planned to be carried out in 2024.

“Based on the knowledge gained this time, we will improve the lunar landing technique again,” said Ryo Ujiie.

Failure is indeed a good resource for ispace to make their wishes come true. Especially now that science and technology are increasingly modern, which is no less important.

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