Google Maps Find Locations of 3 Roman Military Camps in the Arabian Desert


Roman Camp in the Arabian Desert. Photo: Special

JAKARTA – Researchers from the University of Oxford managed to find the three points of the Roman military camp, in the Arabian Desert. Uniquely, this discovery was made through a straight line on Google Maps.

Reporting from the Daily Mail, the discovery of this Roman military camp is related to the history of the takeover of the Nabataan Kingdom, in 106 AD.

“These camps run in a straight line towards Dumat al-Jandal, in Saudi Arabia, which used to be a settlement in the east of the kingdom,” the page wrote, quoted Saturday (29/4/2023).

The camps had the shape of cards, and were thought to have been used as temporary defense bases.

Prior to this discovery, it was thought that the conquest of the Nabataan kingdom was relatively peaceful. However, these camps suggest the opposite, where the conquest was accomplished by military raids.

The takeover of civilization, centered on the Jordanian city of Petra, was led by Emperor Trajan.

“At its peak, between the first century BC and the first century AD, the Nabataean Empire included parts of Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia. The seat of the kingdom was Petra,” he explained.

In fact, today Petra is hidden in the cliffs, and can only be reached via a thin split in the mountain known as SIQ.

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