Calling the song ‘Proof’ Indeed created for Inara, Virgoun Scorned by Netizens, the lyrics… –

Alluding to the song ‘Evidence’ which was composed for his wife, Virgoun was criticized by netizens because they thought that the lyrics did not describe the current situation.

Virgoun is back in public conversation after uploading a clarification video on his YouTube channel. Through the video, he apologized to several parties involved in his household problems with Inara Rusli, especially his children.

In this clarification, Virgoun also dismissed the issue that the song ‘Evidence’ which was composed for his wife was just a lie.



“For the issue of the past issue, the most important issue is regarding the proof song that I did create for my wife, the mother of my children,” said Virgoun, quoted from the Virgoun YouTube channel, on Saturday (29/4/2023).

He said that the song and all of his works, he honestly created according to his feelings at that time.

“What I can say is that all the works that I create are honest works, works that I feel, I create with the feelings that occurred when I wrote the song, when the song was created,” he explained.

Virgoun also admitted that now his feelings have changed. However, that does not mean the song is a lie.

“If over time the feeling changes, it doesn’t necessarily make the song a lie,” said Virgoun.

Because she doesn’t want to become a public assumption, Virgoun said she doesn’t want to explain the reasons for her current feelings that have changed.

“Why does that taste change? The reason that made the taste change is for me to know and there is no need to reveal it to everyone,” he continued.

This father of three children admitted that he was very sorry because he could not be honest with his feelings.

“What is clear is that affection never existed, and really existed. I regret that I was not assertive and dishonest and dared to state and reveal why this feeling could disappear,” he concluded.

Hearing Virgoun’s confession in the clarification, not a few netizens immediately enlivened the comment column for the song ‘Evidence’ with full of blasphemy. Check out the next page, Mother.

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