Wow! Hundreds of Tasikmalaya Residents Welcome the Month of Ramadan with the Ngubyag Balong Tradition – Hundreds of residents of Taneuhbereum Sukarapih Village, Sukarame Subdistrict, Tasikmalaya Regency welcome the month of Ramadan by “ngugyag longong”.

Ngubyag Balong itself, is a mass fishing tradition. This activity is usually carried out at certain moments, including welcoming Ramadhan, or also what West Java residents call “Muploads”.

The month of Ramadan is the most special month among other months.

It should be known that in the month of Ramadan all the good deeds of Muslims will be multiplied according to what they do.

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On the other hand, in the month of Ramadhan all the sins and vices he commits will get the threat of punishment multiplied.

Activities with the theme “Bunga Manggih Mupload” or happy in welcoming Ramadhan, are also part of activities in traditional traditions.

“Yes, this is the concern of the leaders to maintain community unity in the momentum of welcoming Ramadhan, as well as the anniversary of the Naga Sakti Padepokan,” said Head of Sukarapih Village, Nur Nurdin to RRI, Sunday (12/3/2023).

The activities that were followed, from children to adults, were appreciated by the local residents. For residents, this activity brings its own happiness.

“It’s exciting. There are lots of people catching fish. This is also our overflow of happiness, because Ramadhan is approaching soon,” said Dani, a resident who took part in the “Ngubyag Balong”

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Not only getting fish, in the event, residents also received prizes in the form of cash, if the fish caught is the fish with the heaviest weight.

Local community leaders Imih. M. Munir said that this activity was part of the implementation of joy in welcoming Ramadhan.

“This is a form of gratitude, as well as a form of happiness in welcoming Ramadhan,” added Imih.

This pond was followed by the surrounding residents, especially the residents of Sukarapih.

“But anyone can join. For fish there are about seven quintals of fish, with varying weights,” he said.

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