Uploading a portrait of a tiny baby, Nissa Syifa’s story, Alshad Ahmad’s ex-girlfriend, is in the spotlight

Brilio.net – Alshad Ahmad’s ex-girlfriend, Nissa Syifa, became the spotlight of netizens after she uploaded a portrait of a tiny baby on her Instagram. Through her personal Instagram page, it is known that the baby’s photo is male and Nissa admits that it is her son.

Suddenly this celebgram post became the spotlight of netizens. The reason is that Nissa is known to be unmarried and last had an affair in 2018 with Alshad Ahmad.

After sharing her heartbreak, Nissa’s account was then private and made netizens busy discussing it again on TikTok and Twitter. Not a few also suspected who the father of Nissa’s baby was. As a result of Nissa’s story, Alshad Ahmad was also affected. Netizens flocked to Alshad’s Instagram and asked for clarification on the news circulating.

Nissa Syifa has never mentioned who the figure referred to in the outpouring. However, netizens then associated him with Alshad Ahmad, who was the last ex of Nissa Syifa.

Reported by brilio.net from the Instagram account @nissasyf on Sunday (19/3), Nissa admitted that her son was everything since January 2023. It didn’t stop there, Nissa also shared a portrait of her child but did not show her face. She revealed that her prayer as a mother will continue to be with her child.

“May Allah bless you son! Mama’s prayers are always with you,” wrote Nissa.


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