Update on the Alleged Money Laundering Case Conducted by Dito Mahendra

Head of KPK Reporting Section Ali Fikri provided an update regarding the alleged money laundering crime (TPPU) committed by Dito Mahendra.

“Of course the KPK will further investigate the ownership of the firearms, including whether there is any connection with the alleged TPPU which the KPK is currently carrying out,” he said.

Ali said the KPK had the authority to trace the purchase of these firearms because the firearms were allegedly purchased with money obtained from corruption.

However, the handling of firearms will be carried out together with the police.

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“The current mode of money laundering is so complex, it could be spending, disguising, and hiding the origins of the proceeds of corruption as the ‘predicate crime’, as the predicate crime, which is currently under the authority of the KPK,” he said.

KPK investigators found 15 firearms consisting of five Glock pistols, one S&W pistol, one Kimber Micro pistol and eight rifles when searching Dito Mahendra’s house in South Jakarta on Monday (12/3).

The search was carried out in connection with the investigation into the alleged corruption case and money laundering offenses against the suspect, former Secretary of the Supreme Court, Nurhadi.

Previously, Dito was questioned by KPK investigators as a witness in the alleged bribery and money laundering offenses for suspect Nurhadi on Monday (6/2).

At that time, investigators confirmed assets related to the suspect NHD, one of which was related to the ownership of a four-wheeled vehicle.

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Previously, Dito had failed to attend KPK summons three times, on November 8 2022, December 21 2022 and January 5 2023 respectively.

Ali then explained that the person concerned was not present because he had moved to a new address and did not receive a summons from the anti-corruption agency.

The name Dito Mahendra became known to the public after he reported artist Nikita Mirzani for alleged violations of the Information and Electronic Transactions Law (UU ITE) to the Serang City Police, Banten.

The report continued until the trial at the Serang District Court (PN) and the panel of judges then decided that Nikita Mirzani was acquitted of charges.


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