Tokyo Verdy Wins 5-0, Pratama Arhan’s Opportunity Towards Persib Bandung Wide Open

VOICE SEMARANG – Tokyo Verdy’s landslide victory was followed by rumors of Pratama Arhan’s move to Persib Bandung.

Arhan Tokyo Verdy Primary Club just crushed host Fujieda MYFC with a score of 5-0.

Pratama Arhan is said to be obliged to think about the next club after the Tokyo Verdy match in Week 5 of J2.

The club that Pratama Arhan has defended since last season is currently in the top flight.

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Tokyo Verdy is in 5th place with 10 points, the result of 3 wins and the rest one draw and one loss.

Tokyo Verdy’s points gain is also only 3 points away from Machida Zelvia who is at the top of the standings.

However, Pratama Arhan has not gotten a place so far, even to compete with the reserve line up, it is still difficult.

For this reason, Pratama Arhan was asked to immediately join another club either abroad or return to Indonesia as long as he gets more playing hours.

For a young player the age of the former PSIS Semarang, minutes of playing are needed to hone skills and improve performance.

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Seeing Pratama Arhan’s record, many Indonesian football fans asked him to return to the Indonesian League because they wanted to

“#arhanout,” wrote @yusuferwinfaisal on Instagram Tokyo Verdy.

Regarding the new club, it is believed that it will not be difficult for Pratama Arhan because he could easily overtake Asnawi Mangkualam in the South Korean League 2.

It is also possible that Pratama Arhan will return to Indonesia by joining Persib Bandung, which was previously rumored to be bringing in at the start of this season.

Playing at Persib Bandung could be the right choice because there was coach Luis Milla who also handled Arhan while he was still in the Indonesian National Team.

Seeing this condition, Pratama Arhan is deemed to need to immediately make a choice in order to save his football career. ***


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