The trick to making rice at Magic Com so puffy and not dry even though it’s heated all day, only uses this 1 kitchen ingredient

Suara Denpasar – Many people complain that cooking rice using magic com makes their rice dry and ends up becoming crusty.

If you have this, the rice that should be edible should be thrown away because it cannot be consumed.

Moreover, if the rice is in the magic com which is heated all day, it won’t take long for the rice to become hard and inedible.

However, it turns out that there are easy and cheap tricks you can do to make your rice puffy and not dry even if you’re in the magic com all day.

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This trick is shared by the TikTok account @Sayurbox and has been viewed 2.3 million times.

“Tips so that the rice doesn’t get dry because it takes too long in the magic com, here’s the method,” said the TikTok account @Sayurbox quoted by Suara Denpasar on Sunday (19/3/2023).

Suddenly, this upload was immediately invaded by netizens who were curious about how to make rice firm and not dry even in magic com all day.

It turns out that the method is quite easy, you just have to wash the rice as usual.

Make sure there is no dirt left in the rice.

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Put the rice into the magic com pot and add water according to the amount of cooking.

Then, add 1 tablespoon of any brand of cooking oil to the rice. Stir until well blended.

Cook rice as usual. This cooking oil is the key for your rice to become puffy and not harden even though it is in the hot magic com all day.

“Guaranteed that the rice will not have a crust, even though the rice is in the magic com until tomorrow it will still be very fluffier,” said the TikTok account @Sayurbox.

Many netizens find this trick helpful. Some of them have also tried it and succeeded.

“Try it, it works,” said the TikTok account @miakusuma95.

There are also those who share similar tricks using other materials.

“Coconut oil is fluffier, healthier and lasts longer, I’ve tried it,” said the TikTok account @nunung Mulia.

“Every time you cook lime and cooking oil, the result is dull rice,” said the TikTok account @nikendp982.

How, you want to try this trick too? Good luck.


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