The Story of Mamah Dedeh Gedeg Really Comedian Abdel Nyabu When Hosting a Da’wah Event –

There are several Indonesian artists who have fallen into the abyss of drugs. Each of them has a different story that eventually made them stop consuming these illicit goods. One of them is comedian Abdel Achrian.

It’s no secret that Abdel used to be a drug addict. But apparently there is a story that has never been disclosed to the public. Abdel admitted that he had a chance to be nyabu while delivering a da’wah program with Mamah Dedeh.

This was explained by Abdel in his conversation with Vincent and Desta on the Vindes YouTube account. While presenting the da’wah program, Abdel admitted that he was still feeling the effects of using methamphetamine.



“At that time, methamphetamine was still available. That’s why Mamah Dedeh got really big on me, ‘I’m accompanied by people like this,'” said Abdel.

As Mother knows, Abdel has always been known to be with Mamah Dedeh in hosting events with Islamic nuances. The two are also known to be close because they often appear together.

At that time, Abdel believed that Mamah Dedeh knew he was using drugs. However, this 51-year-old man has never been directly reprimanded by Mamah Dedeh.

“I think (knew), he never said that either. But, I can tell from his language that he knows I did that,” said Abdel.

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Apparently Mamah Dedeh was one of the people who played a role in Abdel’s life to get him off the drug trail. Abdel said Mama Dedeh had actually reprimanded him when Abdel was still playing in the soap opera Abdel and Temon.

In this soap opera, Abdel is seen in many scenes where he is often surrounded by sexy women. Mamah Dedeh also had to give Abdel a warning.

“For example, (Mamah Dedeh said), ‘Del you are looking for a soap opera that isn’t like that,’ at that time there were still hot girls. ‘You are hosting an event like this, your treatment must reflect this program,'” said Abdel.

Mamah Dedeh’s words made Abdel think long and hard. He finally started to limit himself. Not only that, Abdel also often heard the congregation’s complaints to Mamah Dedeh which made Abdel aware and decided to stop taking drugs.


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