The story of a woman cheated on by her husband after 5 days of marriage, a third person turns out to be a guest at the wedding – Everyone wants their marriage to be lasting until death do them part. However, not all husband and wife can go through all the problems together. One of the family problems that often causes husband and wife to divorce is the presence of a third person in their relationship. As recently viral, a woman shared her story via social media. She admitted that she had only been married for 5 days with her husband, but it turned out that the husband was attracted to his co-workers and ended up having an affair, aka cheating.

Reported by from Twitter @ssephile on Sunday (19/3) a woman named Ambar uploaded her story in the form of a video on her personal TikTok account. Unfortunately, the uploaded videos did not last long on their account, because they were banned and eventually deleted by TikTok. Even so, the deleted video had already gone viral and made netizens in an uproar.


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