The elegant attitude of the wife’s husband and pregnant lover amazed netizens –

Recently, a video has gone viral showing a wife hitting her husband and his mistress or perpetrator. The video became a topic of conversation because of the wife’s elegant demeanor when she confronted her husband and his pregnant lover, Bunda.

In the video, the figure of the actor is seen trying to cover his face while being filmed. Next to the perpetrator, it looks like a husband who is having an affair. Both of them wore matching light blue clothes.

The legal wife with the Instagram account @liontine_makeup uploaded a video when her husband was with this actor, Bunda. Then, the video went viral after being re-uploaded by the Instagram account @entangkita.idn.



“The reaction of the legal wife to meet the perpetrator: Angry grabbed the perpetrator (cross) Santuy while greeting the perpetrator (checkmark),” wrote the video statement.

In the video, the wife can be seen approaching the actor casually and without emotion. Saha’s wife tried to hold back her anger while insinuating the bride who was pregnant as a result of her affair with her husband. The words that come out of the wife’s mouth are considered elegant.

“Masha Allah, it’s so beautiful, why is it closed? You’re already big, are you pregnant?” asked the legal wife.

“How do you feel 11 years old?” asked the legal wife to her husband.

One of the highlights in the video is the husband’s face, which seems to have no regrets or guilt. The husband can only be heard talking to ask his wife to stop recording.

“That’s it,” said her husband.

The video uploaded by the Instagram account @aboutkita.idn is captioned, “The level of disappointment of a woman can be seen when she can no longer speak harsh words…”

This video reaped many responses from netizens, Mother. Many claim to be emotional and annoyed by the behavior of their husbands and their mistresses. Not a few also praised the elegant attitude of the wife when she confronted her husband and perpetrator.

Then what are the reactions from netizens regarding this viral video? How did the wife respond after being asked for clarification regarding the virality of the video?


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[Gambas:Video Haibunda]


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