TEUME Compactly Wears Blue Shirt at the TREASURE Concert in Newsdelivers.com

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TREASURE will return to greet their fans at a concert entitled 2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN JAKARTA, Sunday (19/3).

TREASURE fans called TEUME were seen filling the concert venue at ICE, BSD, Banten, West Java.

Uniquely, fans who are dominated by women wear blue clothes.

Konser TREASURETREASURE concert/ Photo: Nadiyas Utami Pratiwi

According to Lina, one of the TEUMES who attended the second day of the TREASURE concert said that blue is the color of the fandom.

“Because the fandom color is blue. I didn’t make an appointment, so I automatically use the same color. Actually, there is an OOTD, but it’s optional, so everyone just wears blue,” explained Lina.

Besides that, blue is also the color of the light stick which is nicknamed TEULIGHT.

“The blue color is also the same as the lightstick, so it’s completely the same color,” he added.

Konser TREASURETREASURE concert/ Photo: Nadiyas Utami Pratiwi

TREASURE has completed the first day of the HELLO in Newsdelivers.com concert at ICE BSD, Saturday (18/3).

The performance that fans have been waiting for or who is familiarly called TEUME managed to create beautiful memories.

This 2.5 hour concert will surely make TEUME experience PCD aka post concert depression.


Also watch the following video:

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