State Secretariat Official’s Wife Likes to Show Off Luxury Goods, Iis Dahlia’s Child Gives Striking Comments: Rich People Have Really Weird Tastes

Depok. – The wife of an employee of the Ministry of State Secretariat (Setneg) Esha Rahmanshah Abrar is in the spotlight of netizens. Because he often flaunts his luxury goods.

Judging from his Twitter account @PartaiSocmed, he also often changes the cars he owns. It’s even easy to buy a car even though it costs hundreds of millions of rupiah.

This has intrigued public figures, one of which is Iis Dahlia’s daughter, Salshadilla Juwita. He admitted that it was strange to see the tastes of these rich people.

“The color scheme???? The shopkeeper ass carpet????????? Why do rich people have such strange tastes,” he said via his personal Twitter account @salsaindr.

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He even said that the person’s taste belonged to one of the con artists who had made a scene in the media. “No wonder it turns out to be familiar like the house of the first traveller,” he added.

Netizens who saw the photos were amazed at the tastes of the rich. Those with wealth should have better taste.

“It’s really annoying to see walldecor, carpets, and sofas. It’s true, I have a lot of money but I don’t have any taste,” said @gemexxx.

“IKR?? If I have that much money, at least there is an interior designer who uses feng shui,” explained @claxxx.

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