Russia’s Simple Way to Take Down the MQ-9’s Most Advanced Drone Embarrasses the US


The Russian fighter successfully brought down the MQ-9 drone. PHOTO/ US.UECOM

NEW YORK – Russia showed a simple way to defeat the United States’ sophisticated MQ-9 drone. This simple way of success embarrassed the US.

The short video footage released by @US_EUCOM shows a Russian fighter, the Sukhoi Su-27 which can poll gas up to 2,500 km/h, deliberately pouring aviation fuel, aircraft fuel, into the body of the US’s sophisticated MQ-9 drone.

The propeller of this drone immediately got stuck, possibly shorted, could no longer be controlled and fell into the ocean.

The camera on the body of this spy drone is also blurry, broken.

Russia’s actions in the international area, above the Black Sea, last March 14, 2023 immediately caused laughter for those who saw it. And, all of Russia will definitely laugh watching this video.

The incident of avtur splashing on American drones certainly shocked the military world. How can today’s most sophisticated spy drone be ambushed and ‘bathed’ with gasoline?

What does this sophisticated spy drone look like to raise fears of an escalation in the Ukrainian conflict?

According to a Fox News report, the American MQ-9 Reaper drone costs USD 32 million or more than IDR 494 billion per unit.

Close confrontations between Western and Russian aircraft are not uncommon, but the incident last Tuesday morning raised the stakes by causing US officials to have to let the drone crash into the sea.

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