Russia Will Continue to Seek Answers to Nord Stream Pipeline Explosion


MOSCOW – Russia will continue to seek answers to last year’s explosion that hit the Nord Stream pipeline, even though Denmark refuses to provide access to the investigation. This was stated by a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, Saturday (18/3/2023).

In a comment on the ministry’s website, Zakharova said Denmark’s decision showed they were “acting on instructions from overseas masters”.

Zakharova said Denmark deliberately delayed permits for the construction of Nord Stream 2, ignoring Russian information about the alleged discovery of parts of an explosive device attached to the pipeline.

“Copenhagen, which so zealously defends US interests in Europe, was not initially interested in conducting an investigation that could reveal the true perpetrators and customers of the terrorist attack,” he said.

The spokesman said Danish authorities had so far not provided “reasonable answers” to many requests from the Russian side, or provided results of investigations, even though the country is the legal owner of the pipeline.

“Despite the refusal of the Danish side to jointly investigate the sabotage, the Russian Foreign Ministry will continue to seek answers from Copenhagen to the questions raised earlier,” Zakharova emphasized. It also added that attempts to “quietly leave matters behind” would be unsuccessful.

“We proceed from the fact that only a comprehensive and open international investigation with the obligatory participation of representatives of Russia can provide the public with reliable and objective data about the causes, perpetrators and customers of the sabotage,” he said.

The Nord Stream pipeline, which carries Russian natural gas to northern Germany via the Baltic Sea, ruptured in a series of explosions on September 26 last year, causing leaks that officials from countries in the region called “possible sabotage”.


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