REI Bekasi Holds Golf Tournament at Jababeka Golf & Country Club


REI Bekasi Holds Golf Tournament at Jababeka Golf & Country Club. Photo: REI

CIKARANG – The sport of golf is increasingly in demand by the public, including business people. Most recently, Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Bekasi and the State Savings Bank (BTN) Regional Office (Kanwil) 1 held a golf tournament at Jababeka Golf & Country Club, Cikarang, Bekasi.

The Chairperson of the REI Bekasi Commissariat, Tuti Mugiastuti, said that although this tournament was initiated by business actors, the participants who took part in the competition were the general public. Tuti also said that the golf tournament drew enthusiasm from the public, even though it was being held for the first time.

“This tournament is open to the public. Participants are very enthusiastic about participating, even the number exceeds our target,” said Tuti.

Furthermore, Tuti explained that the “Open Golf Tournament” was aimed at improving better and more intimate communication, especially between REI Bekasi members. “The communication built from this golf course will also improve our respective business relations for the better,” he added.

REI Bekasi Holds Golf Tournament at Jababeka Golf & Country Club
The REI Bekasi golf tournament is also one of the regular agendas that will continue to be held by REI Bekasi, including other activities such as property exhibitions and social activities or CSR. “At least every year REI Bekasi will hold two property exhibitions, two golf tournaments and other activities, such as CSR,” said Tuti.

REI Bekasi & BTN Kanwil 1 Open Golf Tournament was prepared in just 10 days. However, the event was successfully held and even exceeded the expectations of the organizers. The success of this activity was also due to the support and cooperation of all BTN bank branches under Kanwil 1, DPD REI West Java, as well as support from 23 other sponsors.

In this golf tournament, participants compete for various attractive prizes. “There were 12 winners, they got the main prize and other additional prizes,” said Tuti.

Through this activity, Tuti hopes that REI in general and REI Bekasi in particular will become more widely known by the public and more solid in further cooperation. “Hopefully REI will also increasingly exist in the provision of public housing so that it becomes the pride of the community. Apart from that, our cooperative relations with partners, relations and fellow REIs are also getting better,” concluded Tuti.


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