Play Dutta in Nakusha, these are 9 different styles of Mishal Raheja & Shabbir Ahluwalia which are similar but not the same – The Nakusha series is now being loved by the people of Indonesia. Even though it was broadcast in 2009 in India, currently the series starring Mahhi Vij is being rerun on one of the country’s private television stations. So the people’s favorite, the series of the cast of the Nakusha series is very iconic and close to their fans.

Mishal Raheja is no exception, who plays Dutta. Mishal is seen as successful in playing the character Dutta who is known to be cynical and grumpy.

However, Dutta’s character is currently being replaced by Shabbir Ahluwalia. Mishal Raheja explained that this substitution was because he wanted to quit acting and focus on taking care of his family’s business.

Both playing Dutta’s character, Mishal Raheja and Shabbir Ahluwalia have similar but different styles. What was their style in real life? Brikut summarizes from various sources, Sunday (19/3).

1. Both wearing suits, Mishal’s style looks neater while Shabbir accentuates his hot charm.

different styles of Dutta's acting in Nakusha, various sources

photos: Instagram/@mishal.raheja and Instagram/@shabirahluwalia


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