Pence: Possible indictment of former President Trump “resembles a political investigation”

Former Vice President Mike Pence told ABC News on Sunday that possible legal action by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office appears “politically motivated.”

Speaking on ABC’s ‘This Week,’ Mr. Pence said the potential indictment of former President Trump “seems like a politically influenced investigation. Asked about Mr. Trump’s calls for protests if he is impeached, Mr. Pence said he thinks the protesters will understand “that they have to do this peacefully and lawfully.”

Former President Donald Trump wrote in a social media post yesterday that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday as he called on supporters to protest. He did not mention in the post the possible charges that could be brought against him.

A spokesman for former President Trump said Saturday that “there has been no notification” of a possible arrest, and Mr. Trump offered no evidence about the leak from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

So far, no criminal charges have been brought against any president of the United States, in office or after the end of the mandate.

Mr. Trump said that he would continue campaigning for the presidential elections even if charges were brought against him.

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