Ouch! Even Makes Insomnia, These 5 Habits You Need to Avoid Before Bedtime

Insomnia is one of the sleep disorders that a person has that makes it difficult for him to sleep. This sleep disorder can certainly affect his life. For example, activities during the day are disrupted due to lack of focus due to lack of sleep.

Reporting from Everyday Health, insomnia tends to be caused by several factors, such as a person’s medical condition, mental health, habits and daily lifestyle. So, here are some habits that should be avoided before going to bed to avoid insomnia. Anything?

1. Consuming Excessive Caffeine

Examples of coffee drinks that have high caffeine.
Coffee drink/ Photo: Unsplash/ Fahmi Fakhrudin

Drinks that contain caffeine can indeed be a savior if drowsiness comes and you can’t fight it. Caffeine itself is known to be effective in resisting drowsiness.

However, drinking excessive caffeine before bedtime can actually be one of the causes of insomnia, you know. This is because caffeine is able to block adenosine receptors whose job is to send signals of sleepiness and fatigue to the brain.

2. Drink Alcohol Before Bedtime

Illustration of a person consuming alcohol.
Illustration of consuming alcohol/ Photo: Unsplash/ Giovanna Gomes

Maybe many think that consuming alcohol can be a way to make the body fall asleep quickly. In fact, this fact is not entirely true, you know! Alcohol does make a person feel a good night’s sleep only at the beginning.

However, in the middle of the night a person will tend to wake up frequently, thus disrupting the quality and time of sleep. Therefore, consuming alcohol before going to bed can actually make the body experience insomnia.

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