Nia Ramadhani’s Past Revealed by Ressa Herlambang, Called Wanted Because of Money!

Selebtek. – Ressa Herlambang again created controversy after her claim became poor within 24 hours. This time, Ressa uncovered the past of soap star Nia Ramadhani.

As is known, Nia Ramadhani had an affair with Ressa Herlambang in 2005. But their relationship foundered and only lasted a few months.

At that time, Nia Ramadhani was 14 years old when she was dating Ressa. Meanwhile, Ressa was still in high school.

The singer, who later stumbled on the fraud case, revealed that Nia Ramadhani’s love affair at that time was not a setup, aka mere engineering, as many people suspected.

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“I’ve never had a name in the showbiz industry that’s a setting,” said Ressa Herlambang, on the Nexera Entertainment YouTube channel, as quoted by, Sunday (20/3/2023).

While having an affair with the woman who is now Ardi Bakrie’s wife, the two of them became food for infotainment cameras every day. It is not surprising that the names Ressa and Nia Ramadhani emerged at that time.

“Oh no. In fact, I never live without an infotainment camera every day,” he explained.

“Because Nia was on top at that time, so when she was dating, every day there were activities, all kinds of reality,” he added.

Ressa said that at first her closeness to Nia Ramadani was established when the two of them were involved in work. They first met by work.

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“So he used to want to be a model for my video clip, if I’m not mistaken for the song ‘Cinta Suci’. It didn’t happen, we finally met, it was right,” he explained.

According to Ressa’s confession, Nia Ramadhani wanted to have an affair with him because of material things, aka money.

“Yes, maybe Nia used to not really look at my face, look at my money too,” said Ressa Herlambang.

Because, continued Ressa, at that time she had many luxury cars and her parents were rolling in wealth.

“What kind of car did I used to have, I used to have lots of cars. It used to be with Nia (car) Mercy,” said Ressa Herlambang.


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