Netizens ridiculed because of the lack of work, Agnez Mo’s smart answer irritates haters

SuaraCianjur.Id – Multitalent singer Agnez Mo was flicked by netizens while performing live on his personal Instagram account @agnezmo on Thursday (16/3/23).

Agnez Mo was seen hanging out with his dancer known as Nezindahood and also his lover Adam Rosadi.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve met together, we want to do a workshop with dancers and have a competition,” said Agnez Mo, quoted, Sunday (19/3/2023).

On the sidelines of Agnez live, there were questions from netizens that made Agnez and his friends laugh.

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“Sepi job ya nez?” Asked one netizen.

Suddenly Agnez gave an answer that was enough to make netizens surprised.

“Eh, people everywhere only have one job, but it’s enough for several years,” said Agnez.

Agnez Mo is known to have spread his wings to the world music scene, he also often goes back and forth to LA and has collaborated with foreign artists.

Agnez Mo, one of the Indonesian singers who has succeeded in breaking into the international world, is quite certain that Agnez has a large enough income to once be a guest star at an event.

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One of the dancers, Agnez Mo, also commented while beside the diva.

“Wow, he doesn’t know, that’s bad!,” said Reza Muhammad.

Agnez also gave an answer that made the haters shut up.

“That’s not lonely, we choose when we have many choices, we don’t need to choose many, we just have to choose one, but it can last for several years,” said Agnez.

It turns out that Agnez Mo’s attitude has never revealed his wealth because he doesn’t want to be labeled as an arrogant artist and indeed the image that Agnez created is that of a singer who has succeeded through his achievements.

“Sometimes if we don’t comment, people think we can’t talk, even though if we talk once, we’ll say we’re arrogant, there’s a difference between being arrogant and reality,” said Agnez.

(*/Tigor Hutabarat)

Source: Instagram @agnezmo


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