Most popular: Marshel Widianto Blessed with Child Vs Ex-boyfriend Alshad Ahmad Gives Birth, Insertlive –

1. Marshel Widianto and Cesen, former JKT48, are blessed with children, Celine comments like this

Marshel showed his son’s face and a portrait of Cesen giving birth. Knowing this, Celine Evangelista immediately left a comment.

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2. Former JKT48 Cesen Gives Birth to Marshel Widianto’s Child, When Will He Get Married?

Marshel announced that he had been blessed with a baby boy from his girlfriend, former JKT48 Cesen.

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3. The peak of Merapi is shrouded in Petruk clouds, Sujiwo Tejo is sure about this

Mount Merapi’s volcanic activity is quite high, giving rise to clouds that are thought to be in the shape of Mbah Petruk.

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4. Petruk Cloud Appears at the Top of Merapi, Sujiwo Tejo Says This

Sujiwo Tejo explained that the community believes that Mbah Petruk is the guardian of Mount Merapi.

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5. Alshad Ahmad is suspected of being pregnant with an ex-boyfriend

Alshad was accused of impregnating his ex-girlfriend Nissa Asyifa.

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