More Exciting! LazMall Daily Bundafest The last day there was an appearance from MyDoremi to a talk show about diapers

Haibunda | Haibunda Sunday, 19 Mar 2023 19:55 WIB

The closing of a series of LazMall Daily BundaFest events, lots of exciting performances and informative and very educative talk shows, Mother. This time there is a children’s performance from MyDoremi Musical Garden that shows talent in music, you know! Really cool, huh!

Furthermore, if your little one has diaper rash problems, there is very useful information for mothers in the talkshow session about smart tips for choosing diapers for your little one so they don’t get rashes, mothers. This talk show was hosted by Andari Agustien and material presented by drg. Isviandina.

Come on, see in full in the video below, okay!

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