Live a Positive Life in 2023, Olla Ramlan Becomes an Inspiration for Those Closest to You, Insertlive –

Olla Ramlan has been busy for the past year after divorcing from Aufar Hutapea. Living life as a widow, she wants to live healthy and far from negative words.

“2023 you have certain goals, you want to be better, healthier, yes, God willing, there will be no more negative thoughts,” said Olla Ramlan when met some time ago.

Olla Ramlan also explained about his current love life. He doesn’t have a new love interest yet, but the artist is sure that Aufar has a new lover.

“I’m actually sure that Aufar already has one, but he just keeps quiet,” explained Olla Ramlan, laughing.

In the midst of trying to live a positive life after a divorce, Olla Ramlan became an inspiration for those closest to her. What’s the story like? Continue reading on the next page.


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