Lesti wants to hug & kiss Rangga Azof, Rizky Billar insists

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Lesti Kejora released a new single entitled Ordinary People. Not with Rikzy Billar, in the music video for the song, Lesti competes with Rangga Azof.

The actor’s choice to be Lesti’s ‘husband’ in the video clip turned out to have been long desired by the singer from Cianjur, West Java.

Because Lesti admired the figure of Rangga Azof, Rizky Billar allowed his wife and Rangga Azof to have intimate scenes.

Unfortunately, the intimate scene in the video clip made Lesti a little disappointed.


“Earlier, there was a scene on the bed, the story is that Dede woke up Kak Azof. Dede just woke up Kak Azof and then gave him the tea, drank it, and that’s it,” said Lesti in a broadcast on the Leslar Entertainment YouTube channel.

Apparently, Lesti wanted the scene to be the same as the activities she did with Rizky Billiards in the real world.

The mother of one child usually hugs and kisses Rizky Billiards in the morning when she wakes up.

“Dede said, the reality is not like that, kiss first, hug first, wake him up, then drink the tea, then brother wakes up, then Dede is kissed, that’s it,” he added.

Lesti’s statement made Rizky Billiards immediately inflamed so he said in a slightly louder tone.

“You’re welcome!” said Rizky Billar, who was greeted with laughter from everyone, including Rangga Azof.

“What do you mean?” he continued.

Lesti Kejora and Rizky BillarLesti Kejora and Rizky Billar/ Photo: instagram.com/lestykejora

Lesti also explained that she was only conveying what was on her mind because she wanted it to match the existing reality.

“That’s what Dede meant, why isn’t there anything in this scene, it’s just like this, Dede gives tea, after that it’s done. Just keep your hands like that again,” explained the Tyranny singer.


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