Knock! Judge Sentences 7 Years in Prison to Former Head of Narcotics Unit of Karawang Police

PURWASUKA – The panel of judges at the Karawang District Court sentenced Edi Nurdin Massa to seven years in prison.

Not only that, the panel of judges also imposed a fine of IDR 1 billion in relation to the drug abuse case committed by Edi Nurdin Massa.

This verdict was handed down by the panel of judges at the Karawang District Court because the defendant was found guilty of keeping more than five grams of crystal methamphetamine.

“Declaring the defendant Edi Nurdin legally and convincingly guilty of committing a crime without rights or against the law of storing class 1 non-plant drugs weighing more than 5 grams as in the second alternative indictment,” the panel of judges said the decision was quoted from the Karawang District Court website, Sunday, March 19, 2023.

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In the decision, it was also explained that if the defendant could not pay a fine of IDR 1 billion, he would be replaced with a sentence of six months in prison.

Edi Nurdin Massa was given a lighter sentence than the demands of the public prosecutor (JPU), namely 10 years in prison.

The public prosecutor has yet to decide whether to appeal the decision of the panel of judges.

The head of the Karawang State Prosecutor’s Office, Syaifullah, said that regarding the appeal against the verdict, his party would ask the prosecutor’s opinion.

“In a moment we will ask the prosecutor’s opinion,” said Syaifullah briefly.

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Previously, the Directorate of Narcotics Crime (Dittipidnarkoba) of the Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) of the National Police arrested the Head of the Karawang Police Narcotics Unit (Kasat), AKP Edi Nurdin Massa.

Edi was arrested in connection with a drug trafficking case.

“Arrested AKP ENM, Kasat Resnarkoba Polres Karawang suspected of drug distribution,” said Dirtipidnarkoba Bareskrim Polri Brigadier General Pol Krisno Halomoan Siregar, Tuesday, August 16, 2022 quoting from

Edi was arrested in the basement of Taman Sari Mahogani Karawang Apartment on Thursday, 11 August 2022 at 07.00 WIB.

In addition, AKP Edi is also suspected of being involved in the circulation of ecstasy pills with other drug case suspects.


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