How to Read Nutritional Value Information on the Package, from Serving Sizes to Ingredients –

Reading nutritional value information is necessary if you want to buy packaged food. The main goal is to know the serving size and nutritional content in it.

PFM Young Expert BPOM, Meliza S., said that it is important for us to pay attention to serving sizes and servings per package before buying food. Moreover, everything has been regulated in regulations made by the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM).

“According to regulations, there are things that must be listed on processed food labels,” said Meliza Media Workshop with Nutrifood in Central, recently.



Information on Nutritional Value (ING) is a list of the nutritional and non-nutritional content of processed food as processed food products are sold according to a standardized format. This is explained in BPOM Regulation No. 26 of 2021 concerning Information on Nutritional Value on Processed Food Labels.

Information on Nutritional Value must be included for all processed food. However, there are some exceptions to the inclusion of certain products, such as:

Ground coffee, instant coffee, coffee bags, decaffeinated coffee, coffee beans, powdered tea/powder/dips including herbal decoctions of bottled water (mineral water, demineralized water, natural mineral water, dew drinking water, and high pH drinking water), Herba soda water , spices, seasonings, condiments, vinegar, yeast, and food additives

Components in Nutritional Value Information

In the Nutritional Value Information table component, you can see several important things, such as serving sizes and number of servings per package, % RDA, type and content of nutrients and non-nutrients, and footnotes.

In terms of the type and content of nutrients and non-nutrition, there are seven components that must be listed on the packaging. These are total energy, total fat, saturated fat, protein, total carbohydrates, sugar, and salt (sodium).

“The types and contents of these nutrients and non-nutritional substances are at least 7 mandatory nutrients. If there are none, it can be said that they are not in accordance with the provisions. So this is mandatory information,” said Meliza.

After knowing the components in the nutritional value information, Mother can assess the content in packaged food. See how to read the nutritional value information on the packaging in detail, on the next page.

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