How to Claim Lost or Damaged HP Insurance through the Application


How to claim lost HP insurance. PHOTO/ DOC MPI

JAKARTA – There are many ways to claim lost or damaged HP insurance through the mobile phone brand application, because basically, every cellphone we buy gets a guarantee.

Therefore Tap Partners, an insurtech company, provides solutions and ways for offline gadget shops to offer gadget protection insurance in their sales packages.

Tap Partners focuses on providing a more seamless insurance experience for PasarPolis offline merchant partners, by presenting insurance products that match the profiles of offline merchant partners with their consumers’ lifestyles, as easy as just tapping.

The presence of Tap Partners itself provides an opportunity for traders and their employees to get additional sales through the commissions they receive from offering insurance to their shop consumers.

So far PasarPolis has collaborated with Xiaomi Shop and embraced nearly 500 offline shop traders spread throughout Indonesia to provide gadget protection for consumers.

This initiative is in line with the main focus of Tap Partners and offline merchant partners in an effort to create extra comfort and peace of mind in consumers’ daily lives through more inclusive gadget protection at very affordable premium costs and easily accessible through various offline gadget shops/ traditional.

Of course, this initiative is expected to boost the level of insurance penetration in Indonesia. Furthermore, gadget insurance is also an effort by PasarPolis to meet the needs of the Indonesian people who are now increasingly aware of insurance products that are inherent in everyday life.

With affordable premiums starting from IDR 99,000 per year, buyers can now make claims to PasarPolis if their devices are damaged due to falling/causing liquids, or when their devices are lost due to loss/theft.

According to global data, 72% of smartphone users experience damage to their cellular phones (mobile/HP), where some of the main causes are: HP falls from a height (74%), falls from a bag (49%), gets immersed in water (39%), or falls from the table (38%). Cases of cell phone theft are also common in Indonesia.

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