His appearance was highlighted because of the Hijrah, Aming is targeting this for Ramadan

SuaraSumedang.id – Actress Aming is in the spotlight because there is a change in her appearance.

Aming himself is currently deciding to move for the better.

Aming also said that in this month of Ramadan he targets to improve his spirituality.

“I want this year’s Ramadan spiritually to be more spiritual than the previous Ramadan,” he said as quoted from YouTube SCTV on Sunday (19/3/23).
According to him, of course humans have experienced a phase of being tired of their worldly life.

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“It’s called being human, there is a phase where life is really tired and tired,” he continued.
Meanwhile, according to him, age decreases so that his focus is on preparing provisions for the next life.

“Age is decreasing and thinking is just looking for provisions for the next life,” he said.

In the previous fasting, Aming admitted that he always finished and only had one hole at most.

However, for fasting this time, he wanted to increase his tarawih and other acts of worship.

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