Fresh and Charming, This is a Ziva Magnolya-style Hangout OOTD that you can copy

Hangout is an activity that is often done by many people, both with friends, family and partners. Usually, hangouts are held on weekends to unwind. Of course, we want to look beautiful and stylish when going out.

That’s why it’s important to choose clothes that match your appearance and the places you’re going to visit. If you are confused about the inspiration for a suitable OOTD hangout, you can imitate Ziva Magnolya’s style with her fresh and charming style. See below to find out his OOTD.

Crop shirt with jeans

Ziva Magnolya in a crop shirt/Source: IG @zivamagnolya
Ziva Magnolya in a crop shirt/Source: IG @zivamagnolya

Crop shirts and jeans are two classic fashion item choices that still make your appearance look stylish. Mixing and matching crop shirts with jeans can give a fashionable appearance and can be worn anytime, including when hanging out with friends like Ziva Magnolya.

He was seen wearing a white cropped shirt combined with a rather dark high waist jeans. With a black bag, matching color high sneakers, and sunglasses make her appearance look classic and charming.

Wear all black

Ziva Magnolya in an all-black outfit/Source: IG @zivamagnolya
Ziva Magnolya in an all-black outfit/Source: IG @zivamagnolya

An all-black outfit or an all-in-one black outfit can be an attractive choice for those of you who want to look simple and elegant when you hang out later. You can imitate one of Ziva Magnolya’s styles on this one.

She wore a black crop top paired with matching short pants. He also wore an oversized leather jacket as an outer, a black handbag, and high sneakers with a combination of black and white for a simple and elegant look. Don’t forget to add accessories like necklaces to make her appearance look more attractive.

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