FACT CHECK: Fuji Officially Became a Suspect, Policeed Due to a Fraud Case?

Suara Denpasar – If news is usually circulated about Fujianti Utami’s closeness to El Rumi, this time it actually emerged that Fuji had been officially named a suspect in a fraud case.

The shocking news is said to have made Maia Estianty cry. Meanwhile, El Rumi is ready to put up a body for Fuji.

This information was disseminated through a video showing on the Daily News YouTube channel, with a subscriber count of 189 thousand followers.

The video was uploaded last Saturday (11/3/2023).

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“CRY MAIA!! Fuji’s Seconds Threatened by a Case of Fraud and Becomes a Suspect, El Pasang Badan,” said the narration written in the video title.

Meanwhile, the video thumbnail shows a photo of Hajj Faisal who is in shock.

Meanwhile, on his left, there is an edited face of Fuji, who is wearing a red prison suit and is seen at the police station.

Apart from this picture, the video thumbnail is also equipped with a caption, “This afternoon!! Fuji is officially a suspect and is being prosecuted, Fuji is threatened with being policed ​​for fraud,”.

So far, the 4-minute 15-second video has gone viral and has been viewed 24,000 times.

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Not a few netizens also left comments containing prayers for the Fuji case to be resolved soon.

However, is the video claim true?


After witnessing it in its entirety to check the facts, it seems that the contents inside did not show Fuji, who has been named a suspect in the fraud case.

Precisely during the broadcast, the video only explained that Fuji was involved as a victim in the Binomo fraud case carried out by Indra Kenz.

Reporting from suara.com, Fuji has indeed admitted that he was taught by Indra Kenz about trading for YouTube content only.

“I’ve met before, I didn’t know him closely, but at that time he was just taught trading, collabs for content (YouTube),” said Fuji in his statement at the Rumpi event, quoted from Suara.com, Sunday (19/3/2023).

The rest, Haji Faisal’s youngest child, admitted that he did not know Indra Kenz further.

Instead of being called a suspect in the Binomo fraud case, Fuji actually became one of the victims of the scam.

So, it can be ascertained that the thumbnails and narration in the video title are deliberately made that way to lead public opinion.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the news about Fuji being officially a suspect in the fraud case is false news or hoax.

This broadcast can be categorized as a false context, because the news is presented with the wrong narrative and can lead to public opinion. (*/Ana AP)


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