Design of Baim Wong’s Children’s Room Unexpectedly, Paula Calls it like ‘Lack of Money’ –

Baim Wong is known to have just moved offices, Mother. In the new office, he and his wife, Paula Verhoeven, helped prepare bedrooms for their children, you know.

Not long ago, Paula showed her child’s room in her new office. Apparently, this room is designed as unfinished or unfinished.

In the room, you can see the walls are not painted and are still peeling. Even so, there is a large bed, small cupboard, shoe rack, table and chairs.



In the corner of the room there is also a large window that opens to view the garden. This room is not too far from the work space and the employee gathering place.

The reason for the design of the children’s room is made unfinished

So, speaking of room designs, Paula admits that everything is made in an industrial style. The walls of the room are deliberately made as unfinished.

“Indeed, the industrial style (unfinished wall) is deliberately done, or I don’t know if I ran out of money,” said Paula, laughing and showing the iron pillars in the room.

Paula said that everything was the idea of ​​her husband, Baim Wong. The design of their new office is made according to Baim’s taste, Mother.

“So these are all Baim’s designs, industrial,” said Paula.

In this office there are also several corners and spaces for employees to work and relax. Almost all the rooms are filled with wooden furniture with industrial designs.

Paula admits that this new office is deliberately made as comfortable as possible. The goal is for employees to feel like they are at home.

“Yeah, it’s made comfortable. So our employees think of them as friends, so they’re homie,” said the mother of two children.

Minimalist industrial designs are still rarely found in Indonesian homes, Mother. Then what is the concept of a house that is often referred to as unfinished?

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