Appearing at the UBL Anniversary, Cinta Laura talks about technology and innovation


Cinta Laura’s performance at UBL’s 44th Anniversary Friday (17/3/2023). PHOTOS/ DOC/ SINDOnews

JAKARTA – In commemoration of its 44th Anniversary (HUT), Budi Luhur University held Let Me Know Talk 2023 presenting 44 Experts, 44 Ideas Unlocking the Potential of Creativity, Innovation and Technology which was held at Grha Mahardika Bujana, Budi Luhur University, Jakarta South, on 16 -17 March 2023.

Carrying the theme of a Creative and Collaborative anniversary, the campus that applies these cultural values ​​inserts a message to always think creatively and innovatively.

Cinta Laura Kiehl, an artist, singer and model who is also an ambassador for anti-violence against women and children from the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (KPPPA) was one of the speakers who discussed education and the role of women in the digitalization era.

“One thing I stand for is that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men from a social and other perspective. As fellow human beings we should not be distinguished just because of gender. As women we must have the right to choose the career we want, as women just like other human beings we have the right to choose our own direction in life, because that is what is called humanity,” said Cinta, in the Let Me Know Talk 2023 program, Grha Mahardika Bujana, Budi Luhur University, South Jakarta, Friday (17/03/23).

As a social activist who cares about issues of women’s empowerment, education, child protection, violence against women and children to bullying, Cinta has big dreams to empower Indonesian women.

“I want to empower Indonesian women and help build a way of thinking for young Indonesians to be more critical, innovative and creative. And I can only achieve that dream if I dare to step out of my comfort zone every day,” he continued.

On the same occasion, Senior Photographer Darwis Triadi explained that with current technological advances, photographer services will not be replaced.

“Until whenever photographing people or photographer services there must be energy to interact, so with any technology, taking pictures without interacting with people is impossible,” said Darwis.

Furthermore, Rocky Prasetyo Jati, Chair of the Committee and Lecturer in the Communication Studies Study Program at Budi Luhur University, revealed that this event was held because it was inspired by the meaning of the number four which is the age of Budi Luhur University.

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