Albanian authorities welcome the Kosovo-Serbia agreement on the implementation of the European plan

In Albania, the country’s highest authorities welcomed the agreement reached in Ohrid, between Kosovo and Serbia for the implementation of the European plan, simultaneously thanking the European Union and the United States for their strong commitment.

President Bajram Begaj declared that “this agreement is one more guarantee for peace, stability and the future of the region in the European Union”, he wrote in a post on Facebook saying “I am confident that the guarantors of this agreement will make it binding and enforceable by the parties”.

For his part, Prime Minister Edi Rama, shortly after announcing the agreement of the parties close to midnight last night, reacted by writing that he hoped “that the devil will not hide in the details tonight and that the agreement agreed but not signed will not be a another Balkan scam”. Otherwise, according to him, “this would be a historic achievement that would announce a long-awaited spring in the relations between the two largest nations of the Balkans, the Albanians and the Serbs”.

The Prime Minister closed his post on Twitter by wishing “that soon the unsigned agreement will turn into a new irreversible reality between Kosovo and Serbia, Albanians and Serbs, the Western Balkans and the European Union”.

For the Speaker of the Albanian Parliament, Lindita Nikolla, “the normalization of bilateral relations between Kosovo and Serbia marked a stable step forward, with the agreement at the Ohrid meeting on the practical steps for the implementation of the agreement, according to the annex of the European plan”.

In her post on Facebook, she further states that “agreement with the proposals, implementation of this plan and dialogue between the two countries will contribute to the prosperity of peace in the region and their advancement towards the European family”.

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