9 Tips for Strong Children Fasting All Day Until Breaking Time, Take Note Bun!

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Does your little one often complain when learning to fast? If so, Mothers need some tips so that children can fast all day until breaking the fast, here.

Teaching children to fast is not an easy thing. Children will whine and want to stop in the middle of the road for various reasons.

Even so, there is an easy way so that children are strong in fasting and don’t feel heavy when fasting. With this approach, Mother can teach children to fully fast without any coercion.



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Tips for children to fast fast

Launching from the book Tips for Healthy Fasting by Dian Yuliastuti, there are several tips that you can pay attention to so that your child can fast all day until breaking the fast. If you’re curious, here’s the sequence:

1. Explain the principle of fasting

Mothers can discuss with children first and explain that fasting is to worship Allah. Not only that, explain also that the principle of fasting is to educate and train oneself.

Say that fasting aims to make children feel the suffering of people who are poor and hungry.

2. Create a cheerful atmosphere

Creating a cheerful atmosphere can be one way for children to fast fast and not feel burdened. Give motivation so that interest in fasting comes from himself without any coercion.

Apart from that, a cheerful atmosphere can also be created by providing various kinds of toys that can pass the time without draining your energy. For example, monopoly, lego, ludo, puzzles, chess, and others.

3. Let the child choose the menu for sahur and breaking the fast

Give the child the opportunity to choose the breakfast menu and break the fast by themselves. That way, the child will be excited about fasting and eating his favorite food.

Invite your children to help prepare the meal for sahur and breaking the fast, okay? However, if you feel that the child’s mentality is not strong enough, avoid this activity, Mother.

Make sure children eat nutritious food and drinks during sahur and breaking the fast. These foods will give children the energy and energy to undergo fasting the next day.

4. Invite children to worship

Mothers can invite children to worship together while waiting for the time to break the fast. For example, reading the recitation of the Koran.

Not only that, Mom and Dad can also read them fairy tales or stories of the Prophet which can enrich their knowledge.

5. Don’t let naps take too long

When children are sleepy around 9 or 10 in the morning, don’t let them sleep too long until noon. This will make the child feel that time is running out longer while waiting for the time to break.

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6. Teach children not to run away

Some children the age of your little one may not have learned to fast so they will eat and drink in front of your little one while playing. When this happens, teach children not to run away, OK?

Teach children to say “Sorry, I’m fasting”, to refuse offers to eat or drink from friends. This would be much better than impolite running away.

7. Teach children to give charity

The month of Ramadan is synonymous with giving and giving alms. This activity can also be taught to the Little One. Let them set aside pocket money and give it to those in need.

8. Invite to do household chores

Usually children see Mother when doing household chores and other work. Make the children understand that fasting is not an excuse to be lazy.

9. Prepare gifts

When children successfully complete fasting for a full day, Mother can give them gifts. Gifts don’t need to be extravagant or expensive. Simply serve your little one’s favorite food or drink.

Those are some tips for strong children to fast all day until breaking the fast. Have a good try, Mother.

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