5 Stories Aurelie Moeremans has a Colli tumor, her face seems paralyzed to the point where it’s hard to smile

Brilio.net – Actress Aurelie Moeremans has been away from the screen for a long time, giving shocking news. Through her Instagram page, this Belgian-blooded actress revealed that she has a Colli tumor. The tumors came from two lumps in his neck.

Initially, the player in the Former But Married series did not want to tell fans and the public about his health condition. However, he later explained that because gradually many people noticed changes in his face.

Due to her condition, this 29-year-old actress has undergone a number of treatments. However, the treatment he underwent actually made him feel inferior. The reason is, Aurelie has paralysis around her face so it’s hard to smile.

Here’s a summary of brilio.net from Instagram @aurelie on Sunday (19/3), Aurelie Moeremans’ story of having a Colli tumor.


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